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Perfect for a gift or as a treat for yourself! This bundle includes all of our best-selling Superfood Veggie Tea Collection plus a cute Glass Storage Canister with Wooden Spoon. Don't miss the chance to enjoy all of your favorite Veggie Teas for a reduced price! P.s. this is a limited time offer!
This bundle includes 3 Pouches (one of each) of Celery, Asparagus and Beetroot Teas (15 tea sachets each) + Glass Storage Canister with Wooden Spoon:
Beetroot Tea (Detoxifying) - sweet and delicious, rich in minerals and vitamins, its powerful health benefits include: liver detoxification, improved blood flow, and increased energy levels just to name a few.
Asparagus Tea (Digestive) - sweet and mild taste, classified as “superfood”, asparagus offers a number of health benefits, such as supporting weight management and improving digestion. It has also shown effects on lowering blood pressure.
Celery Tea (Cleansing) - subtle sweet-bitter taste, this powerful vegetable has superfood properties and is high in fiber which supports both the digestive and cardiovascular systems.
+ Small Clear Glass Storage Canister with a Wooden Spoon - perfect to enjoy all of your favorite teas!
All teas are naturally caffeine-free.
Each Veggie Tea Pouch contains 15 tea bags.



Beetroot Tea100% Organically Grown Beetroot 
Asparagus Tea - 100% Organically Grown Asparagus
Celery Tea100% Organically Grown Celery
Ultimate Veggie Tea Bundle
4000 4500

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